“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” – Voltaire

Who We Are

Origin CBD is an integral part of The Origin Group, a collection of firms strategically and systematically developed to achieve the goals of its founders; to provide the best cannabinoid based medicinal therapies for those in need. Each company plays a pivotal, incremental role in our work to provide pharmacogenomic cannabinoid therapies.

Origin CBD’s core philosophy is married to its understanding of the profound medicinal value of cannabinoids. The entirety of Origin’s management team and advisory board have first hand knowledge of the healing properties of Cannabis Sativa. It is these accumulated experiences that push Origin to help propel the plant’s mountain of anecdotal evidence to verifiable clinical proof so that it can enter into the accepted public domain of medicine where it so rightly belongs.We maintain relationships with some of the brightest minds currently operating in the cannabis community and actively engage them from time to time to ensure we are providing the best possible solutions to our client’s needs.