The emerging world of CBD and coordinated cannabinoid therapies is quickly becoming one of the most profound advancements in modern medicine. Origin, because we are fully committed to providing our clients with the best possible cannabinoid therapies, continuously study and research the best science available.

We fully understand how daunting it can be for the average person seeking answers. We ourselves sometimes have trouble keeping up with all the new and exciting scientific developments. Our specialists have dedicated their studies to our emerging field of cannabinoids and are all too happy to share their knowledge with you so if you have any questions please call us so that we can continue to ensure you have the correct information and assist you in ordering the proper products.



CBD is a single cannabinoid of a larger number of cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant (over 100). When we say we use CBD isolate, it is this single cannabinoid (molecule) that is extracted from cannabis plant.

CBD in this form has multiple advantages;
– Exact dosage – imperative for  Pharma level therapies
– 100% free of any toxins, contaminants, etc…
– 100% certainty to pass any drug tests searching for THC

Allows for precise formulations with other beneficials that the oil based FSO will not allow such as emulsification and suspensions for additional delivery methods such as tinctures, drops, transdermals, etc… 


FSO is a whole plant extraction typically via CO2 methodology. The benefits of FSO are significant;
The FSO retains a concentrated amount of all the additional cannabinoids, terpenes, flavinoids and all the other phyto beneficials found within the various cannabis strains. These all contain significant medicinal benefits of their own and form what is called “the entourage effect”.

The down side is that it may contain trace amounts of THC…legal limits is .3% or less. (it could potentially test positive depending upon amounts and timing)
Same with toxins and pesticides…there are always safe PPM (parts per million) levels that the FSO will test under but there is always a possibility no matter how minute.

CBD – The Therapies

Origin provides a unique service in the emerging world of cannabinoid therapies.  We analyze and recreate the CBD and terpene profiles of famous cannabis strains that are valued for their proven and specific healing qualities and reintroduces these terpenes and other phyto beneficials back into our formulations when we only use the CBD isolate.

Origin recognizes how important all these other ingredients are and it is why certain formulations mimic as closely as possible the terpene profiles of certain strains, i.e…our RISE vape cartridge mimics the Jack Herer profile and the EASE; Northern Lights.

In the near future we will be introducing additional specialized and targeted product lines that will utilize the FSO as a base.

Origin maintains an extensive terpene collection to make available to our clients the ability to recreate a specific strain or a customized new blend that they feel they will benefit from.

This is the reason for the birth of Origin Genomics – within the next three to five years science is going to provide Origin the ability to mimic these strain profiles down the 1000th mg levels on a commercial basis which in turn will give us the ability to provide highly targeted pharmacogenomic therapies

CBD – The Capsules
Origin formulates five different capsule varieties to ensure our clients are receiving the best therapies possible. Origin utilizes CBD isolate infused with laboratory grade terpenes. We source our Isolate from GenCanna Global, a Kentucky based global leader in hemp cultivation and cannabinoid extraction. The CBD isolate tests at 99.5% pure CBD. This allows us to achieve exact dosages as well as ensure that our products are free of any pesticides or contaminants. The capsules are separated by dosage amount and terpene inclusion. Terpenes are naturally found within the cannabis plant and provide significant medicinal value. We use those that are shown to have the strongest anti inflammatory properties; b-caryophyllene, linalool and myrcene. The terpene free capsules allow clients another choice for those with sensitive digestion or use with pets.
CBD – Salve
  • Origin’s CBD Salve is carefully crafted to specifically target pain and inflammation in the body, while simultaneously introducing CBD into the cellular structure to seamlessly and effectively provide relief. The organic base materials, essential oils and terpenes are infused with the CBD isolate to create a topical remedy that provides physical relief and nourishes the cells and nerves in your body.



  • All ingredients are organic and sustainable.
  • Base Ingredients; Coconut oil, shea butter, mango butter, vitamin E, aloe vera and beeswax
  • Active Ingredients – b-caryophyllene, myrcene, linalool, ginger, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, frankincense, myrrh.
  • CBD Isolate – 250mgs per container
CBD – 510 Cartridges

Our cartridges each hold 1000mg of oil which contains a minimum of 250mg of CBD, 5 mg of terpenes and the balance is Organic Coconut Oil. They provide the synergistic entourage effect with the CBD cannabinoids and are also responsible for the cartidges’s amazing tastes and aromas.  Origin sources only CBD oil and terpenes extracted from organically grown plants.

We formulate two different but equally beneficial therapies; RISE and EASE. In addition, Because Origin maintains an extensive terpene collection, we make available to our clients the offer to recreate a specific strain or a customized new blend that they feel they will benefit from. We only require a minimum order of ten cartridges.  Please contact us,  we would be more than happy to work with you.

We currently offer two variations of our therapeutics with more on the way!  We infused specific terpenes based on their properties to further enhance the medicinal benefits and desired effects provided by the CBD oil.   Below we list the terpenes and their properties specific to each cartridge.

Rise is based on the Sativa dominant strain, Jack Herer, long used by those looking for uplifting, energetic and creative effects. In addition to these great attributes the Jack Herer strain provides excellent pain relief.


Ease is based on the indica dominant, Northern Lights strain, renowned for its calming and pain and stress relieving attributes. Civilizations have used indica based plants for thousands of years as sleep and pain aids and Northern Lights is considered today’s best.


The Technology And What Is “Vaping”?

Vaporization is simply the process of heating an element, in this case oils, to a temperature that transforms the oil into a vapor.  There are two main benefits to “vaping”  CBD oils.  The first being the most important.  Vaping does not cause combustion.  Combustion has been found to be one of the leading causes of carcinogens. The second is that studies have shown that “vaping” extracts a much higher percentage of the cannabinoids for absorption.  Vaping also provides our clients a discreet way to utilize the therapeutics.

It is very important to note that the process of “vaping” provides near instant absorption and metabolic use of the medicines whereas medicines ingested can take hours to be fully taken up and distributed properly.

CBD – Oils
Origin provides full spectrum oils to clients but no longer offers it as a product through the website. The reason behind this is there is just too much incorrect information about CBD and what is considered “Full Spectrum Oil”. Far too many times on follow up calls we found that our clients did not purchase the most optimal product nor fully understood dosage and timing. This is why we have decided to take a more traditional approach in assisting our clients by adding an extra layer of service. To ensure that our clients are receiving the best information possible we ask that you call and speak with our specialists.

Targeted Individual Cannabinoid Therapies

Origin CBD partners with its sister company, Origin Genomics, to provide targeted cannabinoid therapies. Origin Genomics works with clients who seek a more detailed, targeted cannabinoid therapy designed to alleviate certain symptoms and underlying disease states. These formulations are based on individual epigenetics, genomics and current health levels. If you feel this is something you can benefit from and wish to understand this process deeper please visit them at www.origingenomics.com for more details and contact information.